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I write here bcs my memory storage is not that big manatau kena attack dissosiative amnesia nanti kan. I'm writing in different languages here so pardon me incase there are some words that you are not familiar with. Teehee.
Anyway you heard what they said before, "Blog to express not to impress".
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The next phase of my life
Monday, 15 May 2017 • 22:44 • 0 comments

Zupp silent reader (if I have one).
Title lok. Gempak jak bunyi. Nothing much lah actually. Only 5 months away till convocation day. Am I excited? Boleh dikatakan, ya iyalah belajar berapa tahun dah takkan belum habis2 lagi kan (padahal 2 1/2 years jak pun ceh ceh)? So, mesti ada closure gitchu. Will I miss my college days? Of course, and please insert typical sad quotes about leaving college/graduating here. I don't know tho, sekarang memang belum lg lah mau miss miss tunggu lah lepas 5 tahun di alam pekerjaan nanti (yerr kejam, pahal lama sgt tunggu mau rindu I pun xfaham). Kay kay without further ado, brace yourself because.. I'm gonna make a list on the things/places that I'm going to miss later. Lol

1. Our bathtub! 
Okay please cringe hahaha siap tanda seru lagi tu eleh but yup yup, I'll miss our bathtub. By our I meant my hostel mates. It's not really a hostel, it's more to rumah sewa lah cause it's not under our college management but it's not like rumah sewa because it's like an apartment type whereby banyak2 pintu kalau kau lalu kat laluan tu. Geddit geddit? If not, kau imagine jak apartment low budget ala2 bilik hotel. When you first enter each unit, you will come across the bathroom first. So, hotel-like-apartment? Wth this is getting complicated hahahaha setakat describe tempat tinggal jak pun alaaa. Anyway, I still call it hostel hek hek. Well, so back to my bathtub storeh. Lawa bah diam hostel ada bathtub acah2 mandi dalam spa lagi tu siap buat foaming2 bubble2 bath dalam bathtub kalau tiada kelas/freetime/de-stress diri ini waseh. The other unit tiada lg tu bathtub dorang hahaha because most of the owner renovated their bathroom and installed electric shower in it. Oleh itu kawan kawan, saya bersyukur walaupun sekadar bathtub *wink wink

2. Kuching Waterfront (+keropok lekor)
Dimana diri ini boleh bersantai ala2 tourist duduk kat kerusi panjang di sana sambil dengar talented people busking sambil melahap manja keropok lekor yang perghh banyak sungguh kuantitinya kalau beli harga RM5. Keropok lekor di Miri 5 ketul=RM1. Sedeh. The journey to KW from my hostel took me less than 10mins la, jalan kaki ya. Walk foot ya. Wth punya translation hahaha k tak lawak. Plus, KW is one of the place where I always spent my quality time with G ataupun dating dalam kata lainnya. Yerr sikit kah kah kah. Anyway, (anyway ni harus muncul tiap kali mau menyokong ayat seterusnya) you, I'll miss you KW. Kalau balik Miri nanti sorry lah ya jalan kaki 10minit macam tu mau dpt pemandangan yang indah. Yang ada hanyalah SMK Riam cemerlang. Bolehlah indah. Ada bunga. Atau tengok adik2 handsome training main bola. Astaga pedophile.  Hoi menyimpang! K next!

3. Vivacity Megamall
Sebab disini jak ada Kaison. Kaison is love. Miri bila lagi mau ada Kaison ha?

4. Everise
Hahahaha siapa yang rajin pergi rindu Everise ni. That's me. Overly attach with Everise because that's the closest supermarket with our hostel here. Everise give me life. Like literally. Because it's where I shopped my food supplies lol so thank you for your existence Everise.

5. Kuching Foooooooooooood!
"When you go to another place, taste the food. That's what bring people together." 
That's not famous people's quote. Tak terpelajar betul bunyi. I made that up hahahahaha apakah tetiba taste their food and then you'll become close. Sis malas cari quote :') With that being said, therefore, I'm gonna eat like a pig before fly back to Miri later (this August). Kuching pork satay, belacan bee hoon, Kuching laksa, aiskrim gula apung, gong pia, ayam bakar, and ahhh the list goes on! Yknow, I realized one thing tho while I'm here in Kuching. My area, where I live now, is blessed with loads of good stalls with delicious food! Padungan area, dekat2 dengan area I sini,  is where the good food are. If you rajin jalan kaki along that area, you'll gain 5kg in a couple of hours (exaggerating) because you gotta make a stop to try various type of food there. There are lots of food in that area that you die die must try. Gitew. And oh one more thing, Kuching Festival will be on the 1st-31st of August this year which means..
There will be food fair! The festival will be held at Majlis Dewan Bandaraya Kuching, which also means.. less than 5mins car ride to reach there from our hostel. Uber kan ada *wink wink. So, Karen, just a friendly reminder: Please please menabung kalau tau nafsu makan tu macam blue whale. 

Contoh contoh makanan yang boleh dinikmati di food fair ya tuan tuan dan puan puan.
Source: Borneo Post & The Star


Hokay. So far I have 5 things on my list now although I sounded like I'm gonna miss the entire building in this city earlier. The list is not completed yet and therefore, part II will see ya in the my next post. Siapalah mau baca ni hahaha storytelling to myself :') Anyway, blog to express katanya tadi. 
It's 1012pm now, which means I dedicated 1 hour and 10mins for this entry hahaha such dedication. I have so much free time so no harm lah. 
Btw, I'm doing great here coping with my last semester (this sem) in my final year. Currently doing part-time job as a waitress at TGCHK because my class is only on Tuesday and Thursday (too much free time). Cari sendiri mana tu lol. Ok, a waitress? No sweat. It's not difficult lemon difficult job because I ada experience with this kind of job during my post-form-5 era EXCEPT there will be some days where you'll encounter rude guest. Wait, not just encounter. Serve their table some more. Terer translation tok. Being a waitress for buffet setting is less challenging than being a waitress in the banquet hall. 3 years ago, where I first started as a waitress for buffet breakfast, my first thought was "Hey, it's not that bad. Nasib tidak kena panggil di banquet hall." And yes, it's not that bad+heavy job compare to those banquet's waitress punya kerja. I made a pact that I won't accept the supervisor's call if they ask me to work at the banquet hall. Hahahaha that was silly because 3 years later, which is this year and this month to be exact, I accept the job offer for banquet hall's waitress. 

I was so reluctant at first when Winnie asked me to go with her and I die die say I don't want banquet, I can only work for buffet setting. Kebodohan apakah itu.. duit masuk weh daripada duduk mati kutu kat dalam bilik ulang tayang drama Korea yg dah habis tengok dari tahun lepas dah lol. Anyway, saya sahut seruan itu kerana Milo melahirkan juara kan. Peminum setia Milo sila lambaikan tangan. My first time as a banquet waitress, kaki ini sangat letih hingga saya merasakan kaki ku membunuhku (my feet is killing me) because of the long hours of standing plus kasut baru yg tidak mau bekerjasama langsung hingga meninggalkan blisters di tumit. Three blisters. Three. Lengan almost berotot otot dek pinggan yang berat. Ku gagahkan juga. Alaa blisters+upcoming big muscle only ma. What's so bad about that (ceh fefeeling wanita mithali yang gagah). And ya, we finished at 11pm and habis clear semuanya around 1130pm. And then Winnie paksa diri ini teman dia pergi makan lalu kami pun pergi makan (to Petanak Wet Market). Finished our supper at 1230am and we headed straight to our own room. Tewas di atas bed selepas mandi apa semua dalam 130am. To all banquet waitress and waiter, I understand what does it feel like buat kerja tu hahaha and saat campak diri atas tilam tu memang heavennnnnn bah kan. Before this, jadi guest jak selalukan, tukang pergi attend dinner dan sebagainya, tunggu waiter datang serve saja, but hah this time I'm the one who serve the guest. Rasa awkward mesti tolak tepi jauh jauh lah. Begitchu. That's the end of my first day as a banquet waitress. So far, masuk 3 kali sudah lah jaga di banquet hall and 3 kali juga ditempatkan di tempat buffet in this month. I ok jer. The Lord is my strength *wink

Info selingan: Our Uber driver that night, the one who fetched us from Petanak to our hostel, he was drunk hokay. The smell of beer was so strong in his car weh. Dahla belok masuk simpang laju2. Thank God we reached our hostel safely. Fuhh. Note to self, the chances to meet drunk Uber driver is high when it's already midnight. So, please avoid keluar lewat malam ya Karen. I blame Winnie for this kah kah kah beria-ria sangat ajak pergi makan lewat2.


It's 1054pm now. Fefeeling blogger terbilang sudah ni taip lama lama maka cerita tidak juga gempak sangat kah kah kah. Ok, mandi!

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